BNX 14x25x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter – Made in USA (6-Pack)

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BNX 14x25x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter – Made in USA (6-Pack)

BNX 14x25x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter – Made in USA (6-Pack)

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SKU: BN-M8S-14x25x1-6PP

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  • Features
    • 14x25x1 MERV 8

      14x25x1 MERV 8 air filter replacement for your air conditioner, furnace or HVAC system. Actual size: 13 11/16’’ x 24 11/16’’ x 3/4’’. Comparable with MPR 1500-1900 & FPR 10. Electrostatically charged filter media with industry leading low air flow resistance.

    • Made in USA, Sustainably

      Proudly manufactured by BNX Converting, LLC in Houston, TX, a registered and approved facility (EPA Registration # 101638-TX-1). Adopts single sided (one-piece) frame technology to reduce environmental waste and made sustainably from recycled cardboard.

    • Superior Performance

      The BNX MERV 8 100% synthetic electrostatically charged air filter media outperforms standard fiberglass filters and adopts the latest in electrostatic filtration technology to allow for industry leading superior low air flow resistance while maintaining the highest grade level of filtration.

    • Captures Microscopic Particles

      Captures microscopic particles such as virus-carriers, bacteria, odors, smoke, and pollen, pet dander, allergens, dust, lint

    • BNX Quality Promise & Applications

      BNX is committed to delivering the highest quality American made safety products, made with American workers, and using the latest automated manufacturing processes and technology with the strictest quality standards.

  • Particles Filtered


    Dust Mites

    Pet Dander

    Mold Spores


    Household Lint

  • Specifications
    Filter Life
    3 months
    MERV Rating
    Pressure Drop
    Overall Thickness
    1 in
    Package Contents
    6 x 14x25x1 Merv 8 Air Filters
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